A full list of Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network publications and documents can be found below.

Date of Publication
March 2018Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network Research and Engagement Plan
November 2017Development Team Meeting Report
June 2017Scoping Workshop Agenda
June 2017Scoping Workshop Participant List
June 2017Scoping Workshop Survey Report
Water-Energy-Food Nexus Open Network Library

The Future Earth Water-Energy-Food Nexus Open Network Library features various crowd-sourced reports, reviews and articles.


Future Earth Blog

A selection of articles related to the Water-Food-Energy Nexus on the Future Earth Blog are given below.

28 Sep 2018Thoughts on why Africa should switch green: Vision of an early-career scientist from AfricaFaten Bahar
29 Aug 2018Understanding a Water, Energy, and Food Hotspot in San Antonio, TexasBassel Daher
16 Aug 2018Growing solar power as a remunerative crop and to minimize climatic risks in agricultureArun Khatri-Chhetri
6 Aug 2018The impact of “cotton aid” and agricultural subsidies on water resources in Thessaly, GreeceChrysi Laspidou
30 Jul 2018We are the Nexus!Amollo Ambole
20 Jul 2018Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Are solar powered irrigation pumps the answer in South Asia?Aditi Mukherji
4 April 2017Grappling with inequality in food, energy and water researchDaniel Strain
12 December 2016Beyond Marrakech: The resource nexus and eco-innovationRaimund Bleischwitz
23 June 2016From knowledge to action on sustainability
Paul Shrivastava,
Mark Stafford Smith
15 October 2014Emerging research agendas in hydro-social sustainability scienceChristina Cook
21 February 2014When worlds collide: the food, energy and water nexusJon Turney