Urban Knowledge-Action Network Vision, Mission and Value Proposition


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Vision: For cities to foster a sustainable and equitable world through knowledge creation and evidence-based actions.


Network building: To create the foremost network of urban researchers and practitioners to unlock the knowledge necessary to tackle challenges, exploit opportunities, and deliver solutions for sustainable development.

Knowledge generation and synthesis: To co-design, co-produce, and synthesize cutting-edge, actionable knowledge to inform urban policy and practice, in partnership with society and diverse knowledge users.

Capturing innovation: To identify, consolidate, and share lessons learnt from conventional and innovative urban policies and practices.

Galvanizing action: To connect knowledge and its users across scales and domains to galvanize evidence-based action from policymakers and practitioners.

Envisioning pathways: To envision, analyze and disseminate innovative pathways to urban sustainability, accounting for the dynamics of urban systems and processes.

Accelerating change: To accelerate transformative change toward urban sustainability by inspiring and influencing policy-makers, practitioners and donors.