Slides from the 6th International Symposium for Future Earth in Asia: Sustainable Consumption in Asia

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Keynote 1: Sustainable Consumption 2.0: Fostering Social Innovation and Enhancing Well-being in Asia

Maurie Cohen  Professor, Sustainability Studies and Director of the Program in Science, Technology, and Society, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Keynote 2: A Commentary on Consumption - How Unsustainable Is the Consumption Pattern of the Burgeoning Middle Class in India?

Chandra Bhushan  Deputy Director, Centre for Science and Environment

Session 1: Leapfrogging Development - its Challenges and Opportunities  

  • Patrick Schroeder  Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies
  • Manisha Anantharaman  Assistant Professor, Saint Mary's College of California

Session 2: Approaches and Experiences from Japan (in Japanese)