The Secretariat performs the day-to-day management of Future Earth, ensuring coordination across themes, projects, regions and committees, and liaising with key stakeholders at regional, national and local levels.

The Secretariat comprises five global hubs which function as a single entity, located in Canada (Montreal), France (Paris), Japan (Tokyo), Sweden (Stockholm) and the United States (Colorado).

These offices are complemented by a set of regional hubs which today cover the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia. These regional structures are also being developed to ensure broader geographical representation and global diversity in the running of Future Earth.

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For general enquiries:

Paul Shrivastava
Executive Director
Paul is based in Montreal

Wendy Broadgate
Global Hub Director, Sweden



Fumiko Kasuga
Global Hub Director, Japan


Thorsten Kiefer
Global Hub Director, Paris


Anne Hélène Prieur-Richard
Global Hub Director, Montreal


Josh Tewksbury
Global Hub Director, Colorado


Craig Starger
Research Liaison Officer, Colorado



Daniel Strain
Digital & Social Media Communications Lead, Colorado




Marie d'Acremont
Executive Assistant, Montreal



Christina Cook
Science Officer, Synthesis & Foresight, Montreal


David Oram
Advancement & Coordination Officer, Montreal



Alyson Surveyer
Coordination Officer, Montreal



Jean-Patrick Toussaint
Science Officer, Research Enabling, Montreal



Hannah Moersberger
Communication & Project Coordinator, Paris


Sandrine Paillard
Synthesis & Foresight, Paris




Miia Ylostalo-Joubert
Administration & Coordination, Paris


IngMarie Alström
Finance Director, Stockholm

Susanna Dobrota
Administration & Finance, Stockholm

Owen Gaffney
Communications Consultant, Stockholm

Rebecca Oliver
Deputy Hub Director & Member, Secretariat Implementation Team, Stockholm 

Erik Pihl
Research Liaison Officer, Stockholm



Asako Hasegawa
Communications Officer, Japan


Makiko Kohno
Communications, Japan



Hideyuki Mohri
Science and Communication Officer, Japan



Ayako Nagasawa
Executive Assistant, Japan



Secretariat Implementation Team

Jason Neff
Secretariat Implementation Team, Colorado


Dennis Ojima
Secretariat Implementation Team, Colorado


Kensuke FukushiSecretariat Implementation Team, Tokyo

Norichika Kanie, Secretariat Implementation Team, Tokyo