Workshop: International Sea Ice Concentration and Thickness Evaluation and Inter-comparison

1CliC is co-sponsoring this workshop

The International Sea Ice Concentration and Thickness Evaluation and Inter-comparison Workshop is to be held at University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany on September 18-19, 2014

The registration for this workshop is open under the workshops' web page:
where you will also find more information about the location and the workshop.
If you intend to attend the workshop - also if it is only for one day, I encourage you to register at this web page.

Results from inter-comparison studies, independent validation and consistency checks, model experiments and assimilation to the topic of the workshop are all welcome. Specifically we would appreciate workshop participants to present results obtained by using and/or including the prototype products for sea ice concentration (SIC) and sea ice thickness (SIT) of the ESA CCI Sea Ice ECV project (SICCI) into their analysis. This prototype products can be downloaded from The SICCI team will also present its own results with regard to data quality assessment.

The SICCI project ( is heading towards the end of the first project phase. A second project phase is planned in which the lessons learned from the prototype product will be incorporated into an enhanced version 2.
This product enhancement would be incomplete without your feedback. We would like to give you the chance to voice your concerns and experience from using and working with the SICCI project data as well as with other SIC and SIT data from satellite remote sensing.