Partnering with Future Earth

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One of Future Earth’s main goals is to connect and support the work of sustainability research and practitioner communities around the world. As part of that mission, Future Earth seeks to create active partnerships with a range of organisations that share our values and goals. See Our Vision for more information.

Our partnering strategy is decentralised. While Future Earth has formed a small number of strategic partnerships with organisations at the global level, most of our partnerships are based around collaborations and joint activities.

Here are some concrete ways that your organisation can get involved in the work of Future Earth:

Join a Knowledge-Action Network: Future Earth’s Knowledge-Action Networks are flexible research collaborations that address key challenges in global sustainability. They form partnerships with diverse organisations to design and support research and engagement efforts. To get involved, find the contact information for a Knowledge-Action Network that meets your interests here.

Sign up for the Open Network: The Open Network powered by Future Earth is a new online platform for research and engagement on global sustainability. Join it now to get connected to researchers working around the world, and to learn about and take part in new efforts from Future Earth.

Contact members of the Future Earth community working in your area: To find out what Future Earth is doing in your country or region, contact one of the many Future Earth networks working across the globe. See this map for more information.

For general inquiries about partnering with Future Earth, contact Rebecca Oliver, Senior Engagement & Dialogue Lead for the Sweden Hub, at