Future Earth Norway is part of a global change research initiative that provides knowledge to support and accelerate transformations to a sustainable world.

Future Earth Norway is a platform for global environmental change and sustainability research in Norway, organized under the auspices of Future Earth.

We showcase Norwegian sustainability and global change research and researchers and connect them to opportunities and people within Norway and the wider Future Earth community.

Global sustainability calls for new ways of doing science - more innovative, integrated and collaborative ways of doing research and generating knowledge. Greater cooperation is needed between the natural and social sciences and humanities, between different knowledge systems and societal actors to foster transformations towards a more sustainable and equitable world for people to thrive in.

Future Earth is the response, shaped as a 10-year global change research initiative that aims to produce high impact research and drive solutions. It is open to:

  • researchers of all disciplines, natural and social, as well as engineering, the humanities and law;
  • societal partners within policy, practice, business, media, education, civil society, arts and society at large.

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Faces of Future Earth Norway

Highlighting people engaged with Future Earth Norway. Our goal is to create a vibrant network of researchers, policy makers and practitioners interested in applying integrated research to achieve global sustainability solutions.

  • Hanna Høiland

    Head of Framtiden i Våre Hender Student Team Oslo.
    My vision for Future Earth is creative collaboration across the board contributing to real change in society as well as personal transformation for the people involved. 
  • Dorothy J. Dankel

    Researcher at the Department of Biology at the University of Bergen.

    My vision for Future Earth is to provide renewed legitimacy for transdisciplinary research in fields heavily influenced by science and society interactions, such as my area - the marine sciences, fisheries and aquaculture, which depend on societal and interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Irene Øvstebø Tvedten

    PhD Candidate at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Research (TIK), University of Oslo

    My vision for Future Earth is that it will create a sense of unity between researchers within the field of sustainability. 

  • Glen Peters

    Senior Researcher at CICERO

    My vision for Future Earth is that it will catalyze nimble knowledge action networks that can opportunistically respond as new challenges arise on our transformation to a sustainable society.

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