Open Consultation on Research Priorities for Health, Climate and Environment

The Future Earth Health Knowledge-Action Network (KAN) has recently developed a preliminary synthesis document on research priorities for health, climate and environment. The paper outlines potential priorities for health research that seeks to: protect and improve human health by elucidating, and finding effective responses to, the complex interactions amongst environmental change, pollution, pathogens, disease vectors, risk factors, ecosystem services, and people’s livelihoods, nutrition, health and well-be

Scientists critical of U.S. withdrawal from Paris Agreement

Today, the White House announced that it would withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, an international effort to limit the warming from climate change to below 2 degrees Celsius. Future Earth has assembled statements from experts from around the world responding to this decision. The views of the experts quoted are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the organizations they represent.   

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We are excited to announce the debut of the Open Network – a new tool for inspiring and supporting collaboration around research for global sustainability. This free online platform is a space for professionals from around the world to gather and do the crucial work of building transformations to a more sustainable world. It is open to anyone committed to sustainability, including researchers from all disciplines and experts in policy, civil society, business, media, the humanities, arts and law and interested citizens.