Coproduction of Knowledge Resources


Here I have a collection of hopefully useful resources for researchers who are wanting to try coproduction as a method for the first time. For me, coproduction and codesign of knowledge is the practice of researchers developing their ideas for their research projects and then doing them in an equal partnership with experts from outside their own specialism and/or with wider societal partners. I follow the definition in Ecological Economics 2013 "research approach that includes multiple scientific disciplines (interdisciplinarity) focusing on shared problems and the active input of practitioners from outside academia."

Useful Webinars

In 2016, Future Earth Finland and friends ran a series of webinars to share understanding of codesign. The first webinar is here.

The second and third webinars in the same series are here

These background talks were in preparation for the Transdiciplinarity Training that was the Future Earth Regional Workshop in Stockholm in November 2016. The livestream of the workshop is here

Useful Toolkits

Future Earth Finland has produced a leaflet of tips for codesigning research with stakeholders 

Transdisciplinarity Network's TD-Net Toolbox for coproducing knowledge

Biodiversa Stakeholder Engagement Handbook

Selected Publications

Mauser (et al) 2013 Transdisciplinary global change research: the co-creation of knowledge for sustainability Environmental Sustainability 5, Sept, 420-431

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Charter of Transdisciplinarity, Basarab Nicolescu