Who we are

Farmer of Beora, a small farming community in Rupandehi District, Nepal © N Palmer (CIAT, CCAFS)

ecoSERVICES is a multidisciplinary network of scientists involved in inter- and transdisciplinary research who use ecosystem service science in the search of solutions for sustainability.

The research and activities of ecoSERVICES are supported by its Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) and its International Project Office (IPO). The SSC is primarily in charge of the scientific robustness of our outputs and contributions; and the IPO takes responsibility of day-to-day logistic support. Jointly, we - the SSC and the IPO - ensure that our plans and works are co-designed with relevant non-academic partners and address pragmatic decision-making issues that can support action towards sustainability.

As a core project of Future Earth, we do our work in close collaboration with its secretariat and governing bodies. A two-way regular dialogue ensures that coherence is maintained between the respective and joined strategies and activities of ecoSERVICES and Future Earth.

We also work with a Community of Practice in order to strengthen the scientific foundation of our work and to leverage greater impact worldwide.

Our work is structured according to the scientific framework laid out in Bennett et al. (2015) Linking biodiversity, ecosystem services, and human well-being: three challenges for designing research for sustainability. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 14:76–85.

September 2015

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