Unai Pascual


Basque Centre for Climate Change, Bilbao, Spain

Unai, ecological economist, is an Ikerbasque Research Professor with over fifteen years of experience working on sustainability and development.

With a PhD in environmental economics, Unai’s research focuses on the ecological-economic relationship between ecosystem services, biodiversity and human well-being in order to contribute towards enhancing the governance of social-ecological systems. Unai specialises in interdisciplinary research which seeks to bridge the social and natural sciences to enhance understanding of complex social-ecological systems. The aim of his work is to create an optimal balance - both in terms of efficiency and equitability - between the needs of nature and the needs of humans.

Unai's work covers a broad geographic coverage but mostly includes projects in Europe and Latin America. He is currently involved in the project Bottom-Up Climate Adaptation Strategies Towards a Sustainable Europe (BASE).

In addition to being a member of the ecoSERVICES Scientific Steering Committee, Unai is a member of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), a member of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) through the Forests, Oceans, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Thematic Group, and a member of the Scientific Commission of the Great Apes Survival Partnership.

August 2016