Submit your 'seeds'!

Take the short survey that will let you contribute to the collection of elements - social-ecological innovations, novel organisations, education platforms, etc - that shape positive visions of the future that pave the way to a Good Anthropocene!

The project Bright Spots: Seeds of a Good Anthropocene is now well underway!

The project posits that elements of a Good Anthropocene currently exist on the planet, in the form of projects, initiatives and ideas that we - the project team - call 'seeds'.

We aim to reach out widely in our collection of seeds, from a large diversity of disciplines, worldviews, values, and regions. Our survey is currently helping collect the seeds! Submit your seed(s) here!

The seeds can be related to one's research or personal experience, or something entirely different. The project, really, is open to any kind of seeds, although it has to exist at least in prototype form somewhere in the world!

The database of seeds that is being built will be used to analyse people’s preferences for a good future; to understand when, where, and why these positive elements occur; and to develop visions of alternate, positive futures for the planet. The work will be described in academic and popular articles.

The survey usually takes between 5 and 15 minutes depending on how easily the respondent is able to describe the seed.

Submit your seed(s) here!

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