Peter Verburg


Faculty of Earth and Life Science, VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Peter is an interdisciplinary geographer who is a Full Professor and Department Head of the Department of Spatial Analysis and Decision Support at the Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University.

Peter has a PhD in Land Use Modelling and is specialised in land-use analysis. He is an expert in the analysis of human-environment systems through ecosystem-service mapping and quantification, econometrics, scenario analysis and multifunctional land-use assessment. The focus of his work is in improving the understanding of human-environment systems for sustainability solutions, especially connected to the development of decision-support tools.

Peter works at scales from local to global, routinely engaging in interdisciplinary research collaborations. He is actively involved in several European research projects, including the project Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications (OPERAs) which aims to bridge the gap between ecosystem science and practice.

In addition to being an ex-officio member of the ecoSERVICES Scientific Steering Committee, Peter acts as Co-chair of the Global Land Project of Future Earth. He is also a Lead Author for Chapter 3. Building scenarios and models of [indirect and direct] drivers of change in biodiversity and ecosystems of Deliverable 3(c): Policy support tools and methodologies for scenario analysis and modelling of biodiversity and ecosystem services of the Work Programme of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

August 2016