What we do

Selling organic crop at Lampang market, Thailand © K Payet-Lebourges

Working within the overarching framework of Future Earth, we support the development of science and the undertaking of research projects that aim to improve biodiversity conservation and human well-being in harmony. We achieve this by working through the lens of ecosystem services. As a core project of Future Earth, ecoSERVICES supports the science of Future Earth by implementing the Future Earth 2025 Vision. We contribute to several of the Vision's eight key focal challenges as well as several of the corresponding research priorities that are spelled out in the Strategic Research Agenda 2014 of Future Earth.

We structure our work according to a holistic view of biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being. Our science aims to make available the understanding of their inter-linkages and their parts.

Our work takes shape in a portfolio of activities that aim to bridge science with policy, management and awareness-raising.

September 2015