International Project Office

Rice production of Beora, a small farming community in Rupandehi District, Nepal © N Palmer (CIAT, CCAFS)

The International Project Office of ecoSERVICES is a pivotal organisational structure that provides the day-to-day logistic support for the collaborative, scientific and communication activities of ecoSERVICES.

The International Project Office (IPO) is responsible for engaging the international community, establishing networks and coordinating activities at the interface between research and practice. It facilitates or participates in the tasks of the Scientific Steering Committee of ecoSERVICES and communicates the results through the ecoSERVICES website and publications. The IPO of ecoSERVICES also helps bridge science and policy by responding to requests.

The IPO is in constant communication with the Future Earth Secretariat for mutual coordination of activities and strategies.



Karine Payet-Lebourges, MSc, Executive & Science Officer

I undertook my undergraduate studies in general ecology in France then passed a MSc by research in conservation ecology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa (2008). I worked in spatial biodiversity planning and studied transdisciplinary research in South Africa and Switzerland before joining the DIVERSITAS International Secretariat as a Science Officer in October 2012. I acted as Executive Officer of ecoSERVICES in the course of 2014 and retained this function after the closure of DIVERSITAS in December 2014. I now support all the activities of ecoSERVICES under the umbrella of Future Earth. I am really dedicated to help bridge science with decision-making processes to make the world healthier. In my leisure time, I walk/hike, run, read or explore the places where people live. I am fan of new discoveries and always enjoy a good change of scenery.


Nadia Sitas, PhD, Science Officer, Regional Office for Southern Africa

I completed my PhD in 2014 on transdisciplinary approaches for understanding complex issues related to the governance of social-ecological systems, especially linked to developing planning. I’m currently a senior researcher in the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services group at CSIR and am co-funded to work on ecoSERVICES part-time. I am involved in a variety of applied research projects focused on designing and understanding multi-stakeholder knowledge exchange processes linked to mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services into various decision making contexts, in order to bridge the gaps between research, policy and implementation. My research interests span both the social and ecological spheres, with an emphasis on exploring the potential of ecosystem-based solutions for disaster risk reduction. When not at work I am probably dreaming of ways to cross paths with pangolins, armadillos and aardvarks, avoiding great white sharks in the ocean, following bugs around the garden with my kids or planning my next meal.


Lucas Enrico, PhD, Science Officer, Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

I graduated as a Biologist at the National University of Córdoba (UNC), Argentina, and, after a couple of years, I started my PhD in Biology, working on relationships between ecosystem primary productivity, plant traits and herbivory. Currently I am a researcher at the Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal (IMBIV), an institute of the National Research Council of Argentina (CONICET) and UNC in Argentina. My main research interests are on relationships between land use changes, functional biodiversity and ecosystem services. More broadly, I am interested in different topics related to plant strategies and patterns in ecology. I was Project Officer in an interdisciplinary initiative funded by the Interamerican Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) involving different research groups across the Americas in 2009-2011. Since October 2015 I am Science Officer of the ecoSERVICES regional office for Latin America and the Caribbean. I am a strong believer and supporter of team spirit both at work as well as in sports. For that reason I like to play team sports, like basketball and football, with friends.

August 2016