Scientific Steering Committee

Landscape on top of Ulsanbawi Rock, South Korea © K Payet-Lebourges

The Scientific Steering Committee of ecoSERVICES ensures that high-quality science on biodiversity and ecosystem services guides transitions to sustainability.

The Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) of ecoSERVICES identifies or creates opportunities to advance research and application on the links between biodiversity, ecosystem service and human well-being. The SSC undertakes or supports diverse projects, events, outreach activities and partnerships that address priority challenges defined in the ecoSERVICES science strategy.

Each member of the Committee is appointed for a period of three years, renewable once. SSC members meet in person annually in addition to regular electronic exchanges and teleconferences. They govern ecoSERVICES in compliance with the Core Project governance rules of Future Earth and by working jointly with the International Project Office of ecoSERVICES.

The current SSC was nominated by DIVERSITAS in 2014 during the period of transition of ecoSERVICES into Future Earth. The next appointments will be undertaken in 2016 by Future Earth.



August 2015