Jeanne Nel


Natural Resources and the Environment: Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Stellenbosch, South Africa

Trained as a conservation biologist, Jeanne plays the role of knowledge broker in her quality of Principal Researcher in biodiversity and ecosystem services at CSIR.

With a PhD in water resource and conservation planning, Jeanne has fifteen years of experience in undertaking research relevant to water management and policy within the fields of biodiversity, ecosystem services and human well-being, and sustainability science with the aim to see the science-based projects she is involved in achieve real environmental action on the ground.

Jeanne has been involved in a number of collaborative projects and programmes aimed at identifying freshwater ecosystem priorities, and developing appropriate region-specific mechanisms for their conservation in South Africa (e.g. the 2014 report on South Africa's water sources, South Africa's freshwater atlas and South Africa's National Freshwater Ecosystems Priority Areas (2011)) and in global initiatives (e.g. the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)'s country pilot projects on Advancing Experimental Ecosystem Accounting).

Jeanne serves as a GreenMatter Senior Fellow, which is a fellowship designed to connect a community of outstanding biodiversity champions and leaders, to support their professional development and positively profile their work and the biodiversity sector. She has served as past President of the Freshwater Working Group of the Society for Conservation Biology (an international body of conservation scientists) and is a Board Member on the Freshwater Monitoring Working Group of GEO BON (the global biodiversity observation network).

August 2016