Guy Woodward


Department of Life Science, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

Trained as a freshwater ecologist, Guy is a Reader in Ecology at Imperial College London in the Division of Ecology and Evolution.

Guy has a PhD in Freshwater Ecology and has fifteen years of experience working on issues related to aquatic ecology. Through his work, Guy aims to develop a more integrated understanding of natural systems, that spans multiple organisational levels (from genes to ecosystems), spatial and temporal scales, and disciplines.

Guy undertakes his research in the United Kingdom (UK), Iceland (A natural global warming experiment) and the Arctic, and also works on global issues. Guy is the Principal Investigator of two research projects funded by the UK's Natural Environment Research Council (NERC): Impacts of global warming in sentinel systems: from genes to ecosystems (2015-2019) that was rewarded a major research grant of £1.8 106 to assess the resilience of natural systems in the face of climate change; and Diversity in Upland Rivers for Ecosystem Service Sustainability (DURESS) (2012-2015).

Guy is also actively involved in the science community as a supervisor to many postgraduate students, as well as holding positions as the Series Editor for Advances in Ecological Research, and as a member of the Advisory Board for Ecolmpact in Switzerland.

August 2016