Frog in the rainforest of Panama © A Hendry

ecoSERVICES activities are implemented by involving diverse partnerships within and outside Future Earth.

Bright Spots: Seeds of a Good Anthropocene

We identify and analyse ‘bright spots’ - these real places that demonstrate elements of a positive, sustainable future - and aim to initiate global discussions of the kinds of futures people would like to create.

Governance of ecosystem services

We set a research agenda aimed at deepening our understanding of the governance of ecosystem services by creating an opportunity for researchers and practitioners in the global ecosystem services knowledge community to help shape this agenda.

Global Biodiversity Monitoring, Prediction and Reporting

This initiative brings together the observational, remote-sensing and modelling communities to improve the collection and use of spatio-temporally explicit biodiversity or environmental data.

Linking Earth System and Socio-­Economic Models to Predict and Manage Changes in Land Use and Biodiversity

The modelling communities in the Earth system, biodiversity­ and socio-­economic sciences come together in this project in order to advance the capabilities and approaches used to modelling human-­environment systems.

Scientific Support for IBPES Knowledge Generation

The scientific community, jointly with IPBES bodies, attempts to identify gaps and gap-filling opportunities for generating knowledge for IPBES, and create awareness of these gaps and oppportunities.

ScenNet, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Scenarios Network

This collaboration works at strengthening the ties between a well-structured community of researchers working on scenarios and models related to biodiver­sity and ecosystem services, and at improving the usefulness of scenarios in decision making.

Scientific support for the UN post-2015 process for sustainable development

We support, on requests, some of the works leading to the elaboration of the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

March 2016