Development Team

As all Knowledge-Action Networks, the Water-Energy-Food-Nexus Knowledge-Action Network started with a scoping process driven by a Development Team. This team is set up for the time of the scoping process (2016-2017) with a mandate to develop a Research and Engagement Plan for further shaping and funding the activities in this field under the Future Earth umbrella. 

Since October 2015, the Development Team has been progressively populated. In March 2017, it was composed of members of the following groups: 

In May 2016, the Development Team decided to form a smaller Working Group, whose mandate was to work on a preliminary science plan and governance structure for the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network and to prepare the Development Team in-person meeting (held in June 2017 in Paris).

The Working Group and Development Team are both chaired by Peter Verburg (selected by the Working Group and approved by the Development Team) for the duration of the scoping phase.

Almut Arneth*iLeaps and AIMES
Anik BadhuriSustainable Water Future Programme
Jennifer BakaEarly Career Representative
Bruce Campbell*CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security
Neville Crossman*Global Land Programme
Aiko Endo*Future Earth Asia Regional Centre
Lucas Enrico*EcoServices
Christine Fuerst*Global Land Programme
Alex GodoyEarly Career Representative
Hans Christen HanssoniLeaps
Natalia Perez Harguindeguy*EcoServices
Manfred Lange*Future Earth Middle East and North Africa Regional Centre
Hannah MoersbergerFuture Earth Secretariat
Jon PadghamFuture Earth Secretariat, START
Claudia Pahl-WostlSustainable Water Future Programme
Sandrine PaillardFuture Earth Secretariat
Claudia RinglerFood, Energy, Environment and Water Network
Flurina ScheiderCentre for Development and Environment, Bern University
Kaela SlavikFuture Earth Secretariat
Marja SpierenburgProgramme on Ecosystem Change and Society
Makoto TaniguchiFuture Earth Asia Regional Centre
Madaka TumboEarly Career Representative
Peter Verburg*Global Land Programme
Ruben ZondervanEarth System Governance

* Working Group member