Participate online: 7th International Conference on Sustainability Science

Future Earth is organising a series of online activities around an upcoming conference on sustainability science on 24 to 26 August, including a discussion forum and live-streamed panels and talks. Stay tuned for updates on how you can get involved.

This press release originally appeared on the Future Earth main website on 17 August 2017.

Future Earth invites you to participate in online activities around the 7th International Conference on Sustainability Science (ICSS 2017). This landmark event, which will run from 24 to 26 August 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden, will bring together top names in sustainability science from around the world. Its theme is “Global Goals – New Approaches to Knowledge Generation – Challenges and Solution from Local to Global Scales.” The conference will be a platform for international knowledge-sharing to promote integration among diverse academic fields and to build momentum for and long-term commitment to the development of sustainability science.

ICSS 2017 is organised by Future Earth, the University of Tokyo Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S) and Stockholm Resilience Centre. The conference dovetails with the Resilience 2017 conference taking place in Stockholm the same week.

Learn more about ICSS 2017 on the conference website.

For those not able to attend ICSS in person, Future Earth and its partners encourage anyone with an interest in sustainability science to check out several online resources related to the event. Some of the ways that you can participate in ICSS 2017 online include:

Watch the live stream: The organisers will air live video from key events during all three days of the conference. We will post links to this live stream next week.

Future Earth will also post live interviews with conference participants on our Facebook page. Check in often to hear from leaders in sustainability science.

Participate in an online community: Sustainability professionals from around the world can participate in an online community for ICSS 2017 on the Open Network powered by Future Earth. Here, you can post questions that panelists and speakers may respond to on stage. And take part in discussions with members of this online community.

Get involved here.

To learn about how to use the Open Network, see our guide for beginners.  

Follow on social media: You can follow the conference on Twitter using the hashtags #ICSS2017, #SDGs and #GlobalGoals.

Stay up-to-date with news: Future Earth will be posting news and blogs about ICSS 2017 before and after the conference. Keep an eye out for our latest posts.

Learn about the SDG Labs: ICSS 2017 will serve as a showcase for more than 20 SDG Labs. They series of projects that take innovative approaches for addressing a range of sustainability issues – from urbanisation in Nigeria to the production of craft beer.

Learn more about the SDG Labs here.

For more information about ICSS 2017 and how to get involved online, email