Call for participation open now, for 2017 Advanced Institute on Disaster Risk Reduction with Systems Approach for Slow-Onset Climate Disasters. Taipei, 10 - 14 July 2017

The Regional Centre for Future Earth in Asia builds networks among research communities and stakeholders in the region and promotes the Future Earth initiative in Asia to enhance global sustainability.

Photo: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

We are currently developing a map of the Future Earth Community in Asia.

Future Earth Community in Asia

Memorandum of Understanding between MAIRS-FE, an Asia-focused Future Earth core program, and Future Earth formally signed in Kyoto.

Photo: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

Future Earth embraces a strong regional engagement for its global agenda to adequately address regional science priorities and end user needs. To achieve this, the Regional Centres provides the five core functions (i.e., coordination, research enabling, communication, capacity building and synthesis and foresight) of the Executive Secretariat within Regions. The Asia Centre will facilitate the implementation and development of the Future Earth in Asia through networking partners and providing platform for interaction, while closely collaborating with the Executive Secretariat.